WB releases first clips from Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire Ultimate Editions

With less than a month to go now until the Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire Ultimate Editions are released on DVD and Blu-Ray, we now have our first look at some of the exclusive content including with the products.

First, Amazon has posted a clip from Part 3 (Creatures) of the ‘Creating the World of Harry Potter’ documentary.  In it, crew members discuss how they designed Goblins.  It also features some great never-before-seen concept art.

Second, this clip from Part 4 (Music) of the ‘Creating the World of Harry Potter’ documentary shows orchestrators discussing the various places they used to record Harry Potter soundtracks.  There’s brief footage of orchestras performing, too.

Finally, this clip from Part 3 (Creatures) shows Dan Radcliffe and crew members talk about designing the Dementors as well as why the Dementor attack scene in the beginning of Order of the Phoenix was changed to be in an underpass.

We expect many, many more clips to be revealed from the Ultimate Editions in due time.  They’re definitely a great collectors item for the documentaries alone!  Thanks to Snitch Seeker, Allan, and Megan for the tip.