Dan Radcliffe Talks “Deathly Hallows” Split, Looks, Plot, and More in Fansite Interview

In a new interview with several Harry Potter fansites including MuggleNet, Daniel Radcliffe discusses a variety of topics related to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1.  Read the entire interview, and read our specific question to Dan below.  Enjoy!

Question: For people who haven’t read the books, do you think the fans reaction will turn in the first half of the movie against Dumbledore because of Rita’s book?

Dan: Good question. I hope so. That’s kind of the intention. Because that for me is what the first film is about. It’s about faith. It’s about how far can faith be tested before you give in entirely. He hears so much about Dumbledore that is less than redeemable and he starts to really question why he is going on this insane, demanding mission which is costing him his friends and potentially will cost him his life.. for someone he starts to question the values of. Hopefully, at the end of the first film, people should be very much wondering ‘Well what is this? What was Dumbledore’s real agenda?’