New Deathly Hallows TV spot airs during NBC’s School Pride

UPDATE: While we do not have the TV spot yet, we know it was 30 seconds in length and has not surfaced online.  We expect WB will release the spot on Monday, as they did when a previous TV spot debuted on a Friday.

On Friday night during NBC’s School Pride, a new television spot aired for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. You can read the description below:

“It first showed Moody tapping his staff on the ground outside Privet Drive. Then it showed 7 Harry Potters getting dressed; 2 of which are shirtless. Then we see Ron and Harry in the tent looking at something on the table, which begins to shoots flames. Then we see Bill/Fleur on a Thestral. Then the trio almost getting run over by a bus. Then what comes after is a blur, but I do remember Polyjuiced Harry flushing himself down the toilet with Polyjuiced Ron peeking from the next cubicle saying, ‘That’s disgusting.'”

If anyone captured it or sees it again, please e-mail tips at staff dot mugglenet dot com. We’ll post it as soon as it is available.