Deathly Hallows composer Alexandre Desplat confirms return for Part 2 in new interview

Deathly Hallows composer Alexandre Desplat recently conducted an online interview where he openly answered questions about the two-part Potter finale:

On his familiarity with the series:

“I have read the books, seen the films, and heard all the scores. I watched the movies again before I started writing. I kept myself away from listening too closely to the previous scores. I already had quite a good sense of what John Williams had invented for the series.”

On returning to the style that John William used in earlier films:

“I cannot write like John Williams. Only he can and I wouldn’t even dare to try. He is the Master of film composers but, only by pursuing our own path, our own voice can we have a chance to challenge ourselves to do our best.”

He also notes that his favorite character is Dobby and as far as why he was asked back for Part 2? He jokingly credits his accent. The composer says he still has a long way to go with Part 2.

We first reported the other day revealed the news that Desplat was confirmed for Part 2. Thanks to Luke for the tip!