Update on the Deathly Hallows Campaign from the Harry Potter Alliance

The Harry Potter Alliance is uniting the entire Harry Potter fandom with the Deathly Hallows Campaign in order to battle seven horcruxes for our world. They are asking HP fans across the world to meet up with one of the 170 Lumos Parties (or start their own) across the Globe before the film on Thursday, and to sign their petition to persuade Time Warner to make all Harry Potter chocolate Fair Trade.

“We are going to make sure that none of the chocolate frogs we buy were made by child slaves on the Ivory Coast,” says HPA Executive Director Andrew Slack. “We have over 6,000 people who have signed their names. My question is if we can get that number to 10,000 before the movie opens?” If you’re in NYC you can join the biggest names in the fandom as part of a giant flash mob and parade from Columbus Circle to the IMAX theater in Lincoln Square at 8:00pm ET on November 18th. Check out the facebook event page.

If you cannot attend a Lumos Party, you can still participate online! There is a special livestream event on Wednesday, Novermber 17th starting at 3:00pm on the HPA’s livestream channel: www.livestream.com/imaginebetter. All day on Wednesday and into Thursday and Friday HPA members will be spreading the word about Fair Trade via social media! Include a #dhc tag in all of your tweets, ask a friend to sign the petition, or volunteer for our Campaign Staff by emailing deathlyhallows@thehpalliance.org.