“Potter” Actress Evanna Lynch blogs about body image for Harry Potter Alliance

The actress who plays Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films yesterday wrote a piece for The Harry Potter Alliance where she discusses how we can feel better about our bodies when we sometimes don’t:

If you don’t use your body to its full potential, as a means of achieving your dreams, you are wasting it. You are no better off than someone who is locked in a total body bind curse. At the same time I realise how difficult it is to overcome this state of mind, and I know what a firm, unrelenting grip these thoughts can get on you. A few years ago I was haunted by destructive, negative thoughts like these. I used to get so angry and frustrated because I felt my mind didn’t match up with my body and that it prevented me from things I knew I was capable of doing. It took me a while to realise that all of this was an illusion. If I continued to abuse my body by giving in to my negative thoughts, I didn’t deserve to have the health and fitness I was blessed with.

Evanna’s piece is very well-written and thoughtful – be sure you read it at this link!