Potter fan uses passion for series to raise awareness for Tourette syndrome

Liz Riesterer walks across the Michigan State campus fully clad in wizard robes – and she does it for good reason. Riesterer, who received MuggleNet’s Award in 2009, is turning the attention she receives from her Hogwarts attire into funds and awareness for Tourette syndrome.

According to LivingstonDaily.com, Riesterer credits Harry Potter for helping her deal with depression, brought on by students who bullied her because of the disorder.

“The whole Harry Potter thing started in the seventh grade when I was dealing with depression from the constant bullying I received because of my Tourette’s. I was reading the fifth book and saw how nobody understood or believed Harry when he said Lord Voldemort was back. That sort of thing stuck with me, and led me to believe that if I stayed true to myself, one day everybody would see me for who I am.”

Riester hands out business cards to each person she meets. They provide links to websites (like this one) where people can learn more and find ways they can help to raise awareness about the disorder.