Still Itching to Write about the “Potter” Series? Mugglenet Launches Brand-New Essay Section

Have a lasting theory about the Harry Potter series even though the books are done? In our editorial section the conversation continues!

Added recently by staff members Noah and Kyle,’s new Essay Section allows fans to defend crack-pot theories, analyze and discuss specific segments of the text, and comment on Potter as it’s perceived in society (in 2,000 words or less).

Updated weekly, the section contains a variety of papers ranging in topics from critiques of the Deathly Hallows movie as it relates to (or departs from) the original text of the book, to implications of feminism and cultural conventions as they are applied to the series.

Every month, one essay will be selected from our archives and featured right here in the news. In addition, fans will now have the opportunity to submit short papers to MuggleNet Essays regarding the chapters in the Chapter-by-Chapter segment that are to be discussed on that week’s episode of MuggleCast. The hosts will summarize and discuss the selected work.

For all questions and submissions e-mail