MuggleNet’s Essay of the Month: The Adventurous Song

A few weeks ago, we announced the opening of a new section on the site within Editorials. Now, thanks to all you great writers, the MuggleNet Essay section is filled with many new submissions.

As promised, one essay submission would be highlighted every month on the MuggleNet homepage. This month’s selection is entitled The ‘Adventurous Song’: Why Harry Potter is Epic Literature”, and it was written by Helena, exploring the degree to which J.K. Rowling follows in the footsteps of Homer, Milton, and even J.R.R. Tolkien.

As a reminder, MuggleNet Essays is currently teaming up with MuggleCast to include short essays relevant to ‘Chapter-by-Chapter’ discussions on the show. Keep an eye on Episode 222 for the first essay selection.

There is literally something for everyone in this newly formed section, so – for those of you who are interested – we encourage you to write something of your very own and send it in to!