Warner Brothers to rent Hirschfield Theater so Dan Radcliffe can promote “Deathly Hallows”?

Here’s an interesting scoop from The New York Post – WB has agreed to rent the Hirschfield Theater – where Dan will be starring in How to Succeed – for five nights so that he can miss those performances and instead promote Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2:

Warner’s execs have made a deal to rent out the Hirschfield Theater where Radcliffe’s play is being staged for five nights to keep his schedule free and clear. It’s costing them [$500,000], and according to the New York Post, studio bosses are not pleased.

A source told them: “This is the final film, so it’s a big deal. A grand world premiere is being planned as well as a U.S. premiere and a press tour. They absolutely couldn’t do it without their big star. But the theater producers dug their heels in and said they wouldn’t release Radcliffe unless Warner bought out the entire theater for the nights they need him.”

By buying out the theater for those nights, How To Succeed will not suffer any loss in profit despite performances not taking place.

Note: One of our readers points out that this story was posted in The New York Post’s ‘Page 6’ section which is nortorious for rumor-like information.  We are in the process of getting confirmation, though it should be noted AOL Moviefone (a reliable movie site) also picked this story up.