Media Reference MuggleNet Editorial in Parallels Between “Potter” and Death of Bin Laden

With recent world events, several news outlets, including Reuters, are reporting on the parallels between the Harry Potter series and the downfall of Osama bin Laden.

They specifically reference a piece written by MuggleNet editorialist Bob Sindeldecker in his Department of Mysteries section back in 2004.

The Reuters article points out how the first Potter film came out just months following the events of 9/11, and that bin Laden’s death could provide the final movie “extra emotional resonance” for Potter fans.

“For a generation of kids who grew up reading Rowling’s books and watching Hollywood’s big-screen adaptations in the shadows of 9/11, there have been inevitable echoes of the real world in Harry’s sometimes reluctant quest to defeat Voldemort.”

Please note before reading, that the editorial mentioned above has strong political references.