Harry Potter Alliance’s “Imagine Better” Livestream to air later today

The Harry Potter Alliance launches the Climate Crisis Horcrux, its seventh and final horcrux in their Deathly Hallows Campaign, tonight at 7 p.m. EST at livestream.com/imaginebetter. Come join us and learn how you can win $1,000! The broadcast will also feature a live segment from MuggleCast, and a wizard rock show by The Whomping Willlows, Justin-Finch-Fletchley, and Lauren Fairweather.

The Harry Potter Alliance is partnering with Splashlife and other Twitters, Youtubers, and Fandoms to fight the Climate Crisis – an issue that threatens every aspect of our world. In partnership with Splashlife, we are hosting two contests. We’re looking for the best ideas to defeat climate crisis, and an emblematic piece of artistic expression to represent this fight, the winners of each contest will be given $1000! Tonight’s livestream marks the beginning of this contest and your chance to help us “imagine better” for the world. Learn more at facebook.com/imaginebetter.