MuggleCast #230: Trendsetter – now available!

The latest episode of our Harry Potter podcast is now available for your listening pleasure!  It includes a discussion on the latest Potter news stories, as well as our latest Chapter by Chapter installment:

– Exclusive clip to air at MTV Movie Awards – what could it be?
– What was Alan Rickman really referring to in his letter to JKR?
– Chapter-by-Chapter: Order of the Phoenix, Chapters 5 & 6.
– Is Sirius acting immature? Treating Harry too much like James?
– We see the first of several death omens for Sirius.
– Who really has Harry’s best interests at heart… Sirius or Mrs. Weasley?
– We discuss how Kreacher was supposed to be cut from the films.
– Does only marrying pure-bloods limit true love?
– Favorite: Harry Potter Name.
– MuggleMail covers Harry’s Patronus, Vernon, Harry’s safety at Privet Drive, and more.
– Plus, is it becoming common to split books into multiple films?

All that and a LOT more can be heard by downloading! Refresh your iTunes Podcast section to get the latest episode. If you haven’t subscribed (for free), click here! No iPod or MP3 player needed! You can also visit the MuggleCast website to listen right within your browser, or to download the MP3 file to your desktop. ENJOY! We hope to see you there!