MuggleNet Editorial: The Scottish Wish List

In light of the pending Pottermore announcement, MuggleNet Editorialist Lady Lupin is back with a great piece where she runs down her list of hopes for a Harry Potter Encyclopedia.

Take a read at this link, and check out the start of the editorial below.  Let us know in the comments what you think of her wishlist and what YOU would like to see!

The fact that JK Rowling calls her planned encyclopedic tome of All Things Potter The Scottish Book in jest pleases me to no end. As a Shakespeare director, reader, actor and sometime scholar, I have always gotten a smile from her references to The Scottish Play (Macbeth for those unfamiliar with that great play) in the HP series, including the use of prophecy and the Weird Sisters. Her love for the Unspeakable Shakespeare Play (also known in theatrical circles as The Bloody Play, That Play, Maccers, McBad and a host of other synonyms) gives me a feeling of sisterhood.

The announcement of “Big News” regarding the mysterious Pottermore site has fueled the fires, though I’ll be surprised if the news turns out to be the longed for encyclopedia. Thrilled, mind you… but surprised.

At least we do have indications that she is planning and/or working on the book, and I find myself thinking, “Oh, I hope she includes ____________.” I thought it was time we all did more than hope, so I would like to begin The Scottish Wish List, in hopes that Jo will hear the pleas of her fans and be sure to include answers to our most pressing questions.

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