“Potter” special effects supervisor Tim Burke talks 3-D, Gringotts, and more with “L.A. Times”

The Los Angeles Times has posted a new interview with Harry Potter special effects supervisor Tim Burke.

Burke has worked on the films since Chamber of Secrets, and talks about how it feels to be at the end of it all:

“It’s starting to feel a bit weird. We finished filming last summer, and that’s when most of the crews left, being the end of production. So watching them all leave was quite sad. But we were so busy finishing ‘Part 1,’ and we’ve been just straight into ‘Part 2,’ and it’s only now as I’m sitting in a room full of cardboard boxes.”

He also discussed the work that went into creating the Gringotts and Room of Requirement scenes:

“There’s a stand-alone sequence called the Room of Requirement where we had to do an awful lot of fire dynamics, and we had to create creatures out of fire. That was fairly complex and very time-consuming. But overall, you’d have to say it’s just the sheer volume and diversity of work that’s been the biggest complex thing on this film.”

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