Harry Potter Alliance announces Climate Change Contest

The Harry Potter Alliance is running two concurrent competitions, one for art and one for ideas, demonstrating how young people can fight Voldemort’s most prized horcrux: climate crisis.

The number one entry in both contests gets $1000, while the top twenty most voted on entries will be reviewed by the Advisory Panel consisting of: John and Hank Green, Shawn Ahmed, Dan Brown, Harry and the Potters, Andrew Slack, co-owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, Melissa Anelli, and let’s not forget Evanna Lynch from Harry Potter, Tim Kring of Heroes, Jason Alexander from Seinfeld, and Anthony Stewart Head – Giles, in Buffy. The deadline to submit an entry to the contest is July 20 at 11:59 p.m. at this link. Voting ends nine days later.

Our own Eric Scull will be submitting artwork as well!