MTV’s “Harry Potter World Cup” down to the Sweet sixteen

The second round of the Harry Potter World Cup has come to a close and the Sweet sixteen is set.

Of note, Sirius Black barely edged his cousin Tonks, as did Hagrid over Lily Potter. Two duels were too close to call, but in the end Neville knocked out Professor McGonagall, and Lord Voldemort managed to get past James Potter (again) by just two votes.

Full analysis of the second round is provided by Potter experts, including our own Andrew Sims. The Sweet sixteen goes live today through Wednesday, July 6 at 12:01 a.m. ET.

There are some solid matches ahead including Harry vs. Neville, Dobby vs. Snape, Hermione vs. Ginny, Draco vs. Bellatrix, and Sirius vs. Voldemort.

Did your favorite advance? Be sure to check the latest bracket and and find out!