Voting open for HP Alliance’s “Imagine Better” contest

As we announced last week, the Harry Potter Alliance has teamed with SplashLife to hold the Imagine Better Contest: Art and Ideas to Defeat the Climate Crisis.

Harry Potter fans everywhere were encouraged to submit either their art or idea on how to fight the crisis. Both sections of the contest are now closed for entry and open for voting.

We would encourage you to head on over to SplashLife and take a look at all of the entries for Art and Ideas, and to place your vote. Voting closes on July 31 (Harry Potter’s birthday).

The Climate Crisis is the HPA’s seventh and final “Real World Horcrux,” described below:

“…has already begun wreaking havoc but the leaders of our Ministries are failing us. Like Cornelius Fudge, many allow the “Lucius Malfoys of our world” to pay them off in return for their denying that there is a Climate Crisis. Others, like Rufus Scrimgeour lack the morality and competence to be effective at fighting it.

Like the Wizarding World, the leaders of our day are risking our future. We can no longer depend on most of them to do what is right over what is easy. Like the students in Dumbeldore’s Army, it’s up to the Harry Potter Generation to lead this fight to literally save the world.”

MuggleNet’s own Eric Scull co-wrote a song with his friends. You can view that entry here. All users must register to vote.