Ron/Hermione defeat Edward/Bella in “NextMovie’s” Most Epic Romance poll

NextMovie asked fans which romance was more epic: Ron and Hermione or Twilight‘s Edward and Bella?

MuggleNet readers will be pleased to learn that after over 150,000 votes, Ron and Hermione won with 59% of the vote!

From NextMovie‘s report:

Now the debate can really begin.

Not that there has been any shortage of debate on either side of the aisle so far; ever since we first announced our poll back in July, fans of both “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” have been weighing in with both their comments and their votes, trying to sway internet opinion in favor of their chosen couple.

And for many people, ourselves included, the decision of which couple to vote for was like asking which of your children you love the most; we’re head over heels for both “Harry Potter” and “Twilight,” which is why we wrote impassioned defenses of both Ron & Hermione and Edward & Bella when the poll started.

So, do you agree with the results?  Warning: If you don’t, it may be best not to leave a comment on this post.