“Potter” rabbi teaches students parallels between Judaism and Harry’s world

When Harry Potter and religion are mentioned in the same sentence, it is usually grounds for strong debate.

But according to a new New York Daily News article, Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg teaches his congregation about morality and ethics through the Harry Potter series.

“When the Hogwarts Express rolled to the end of its enchanting line, Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg was perhaps one of the more unlikely fans who mourned the conclusion of the series about the boy wizard.”

He became fascinated with the series more than 10 years ago when he found his students reading Sorcerer’s Stone.

“Author J.K. Rowling’s books are valuable, Rosenberg said, because they deal with all of life’s most essential questions.

‘What gives life meaning? How do relationships work? What’s the interplay between good and evil and what are our obligations in that struggle?” he said. “All of these things are dealt with in the Bible as well.'”

You can check out his book Morality for Muggles: Ethics in the Bible and the World of Harry Potter right here.

The Potter series has had many religious and political opponents over the years. What are your thoughts on the series being used this way?