Quibble of the Week: “Gryffindor House: The Convenient Generic?”

Our next Quibble of the Week comes from Abbii, and is a rather critical piece re-evaluating the overall significance of what is, perhaps, one of the fandom’s most celebrated houses.

She poses, for example, that Hermione might have been a much better fit for Ravenclaw given her great intellect, and that she – quite like a notable forgetful character in the series – was put in Gryffindor not solely for her real attributes, but because she would play such a crucial role in the story’s plot.

Many of you are Gryffindor – but don’t judge this quibble too harshly, because it’s a valid critique of the text after all, and raises an important question: Did J.K. Rowling simply create Gryffindor House to better sustain her story centered around the heroic boy wizard?

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