Introducing the newest MuggleNet Senior Staffer…

…Keith Hawk! Congratulations to Keith on his well-earned promotion.

Keith has been an integral part of the MuggleNet staff for well over a year now, and has shown extraordinary commitment and devotion to the Harry Potter community.  From daily trivia updates to news posting to the recent launch of MuggleNet’s SnitchCenter, Keith is always dreaming up ideas to take MuggleNet to the next level.

We remember first meeting Keith a few years ago, dressed up as a very convincing Albus Dumbledore as he welcomed us to Enlightening 2007 on the University of Pennsylvania campus. Being responsible for putting together an entire convention is a testament to his passion for the series. Keith got his start in the Harry Potter fandom when he bought the books for his daughter, then fell in love with Rowling’s world himself. Keith is the kind of fan who has read the series close to 20 times.

Creative, hard-working and passionate people like Keith are the reason MuggleNet is the world’s #1 Harry Potter site.

Thank you, Keith, for your dedication to MuggleNet and our community!