Quibble of the Week: ‘Did Albus Dumbledore Sacrifice James and Lily Potter in Order to Stop Lord Voldemort?’

Our next Quibble of the Week comes from Bill, who has an interesting theory about our favorite headmaster. Could Dumbledore – the brain that he is – have been the mastermind behind Voldemort’s original downfall? Did he arrange the Potters’ sacrifice for the greater good?

Bill seems to think so. And like any good quibble writer he provides some interesting evidence, which shows how Snape and Trelawney may have been used as pawns in Dumbledore’s master plan.

But what do you think? For all his talk of wizard war in his youth, isn’t Dumbledore a much more sensitive man when he becomes headmaster? Or does the fact that he deceived Harry about his fate speak to a darker side of his nature? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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