Interview: James and Oliver Phelps at the Wizarding World

On Friday, November 11, our own Eric Scull was in Orlando, Florida for the Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Celebration event, which commemorated the past decade of the most successful film franchise in history, Harry Potter. Many of the stars from the films were in attendance and we had the opportunity to speak to them and ask questions from you, the fans.

In the interview with James and Oliver Phelps – who portray Fred and George Weasley, respectively – discussions led to the making of the special features for the Blu-ray/DVD collection as well as their favorite scene in the final movie.

Oliver: “When we were filming that whole sequence it just sent shivers down my spine watching Ralph Fiennes actually doing all that. Because there were little kids who were on set visits who had to leave because he was that scary. And he was scaring me at the time. It was a cold winter, and we were all like, ‘Gosh. There’s this bald-headed guy screaming at us and he’s looking pretty evil.’ So stuff like that was amazing to film. To see a guy at the top of his game doing a scene like that was incredible.”

You can check out all of Eric’s brilliant interview right here.

Thank you to Warner Brothers for putting this celebration together, and a special thanks to James and Oliver Phelps for spending some time with us!