WSJ: Second ‘Potter’ theme park to open at Universal Studios Hollywood, announcement coming

According to the Wall Street Journal, an announcement will be made in the coming days that a second Harry Potter theme park will be built, this one at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.

“NBCUniversal is planning to expand its Los Angeles theme park with a section devoted to the “Harry Potter” franchise, according to people familiar with the matter, hoping to repeat the success of a similar attraction at NBCU’s Orlando, Fla., resort.”

“If the new section succeeds, more “Potter” attractions could open in other parts of the world where Universal has theme parks, including Japan, Singapore, and Spain, say people close to Universal.”

Sources tell them that the one in Los Angeles will closley resemble the one in Orlando.

This is great news for those on the West Coast, but what is the reaction of those of you in England?