Introducing MuggleNet Editorials Revamped

Ever since the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2007, fans across the globe have anxiously debated what it meant for the fandom. Did it signal decline? Since all the books were finally released, did it mean the absolute end of an era of playful speculation?

The immense popularity of the “Quibble of the Week” posts on Fridays and the ever growing MuggleNet Quibbler have proven that this is not exactly the case. While arguments can be made that we are now living in a post-Potter era, cemented with the final movie release, it’s clear that the fandom hasn’t slacked – the thousands of comments we’ve received on these newly added editorials seem to prove that fact.

So where do we go from here? As a tribute to all of the great editorials we’ve received over the past ten years, our staff have revamped the entire section. You can now read our newest editorials – “The Flaw in the Plan” and Casting Lumos on the Catholic Faith and the Harry Potter series – as well as rediscover all of the old, including all of our old-school columns like The Burrow, the U-bend, and Spinner’s End.

In spite of the changing times, fans everywhere seem as eager to discuss interesting theories about their favorite book series as they were a few weeks prior to the last book release. It might not be exactly like it was before, but the fandom has moved to a new era – an era of retrospect, and critical thinking. Our generation’s children may very well be taught Harry Potter in their schools, but we’ll know just where that academic conversation started.

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