Quibble: “Latin and Ancient Greece: Not-So-Dead Languages and Cultures in Harry Potter”

Our next quibble of the week comes to us from Michelle – and what a quibble it is! Using her knowledge of the Latin language and ancient Greek mythology, Michelle picks apart the names of several notable characters of the series and gives us a new lens through which to interpret them.

Analyzing Bellatrix’s name, Michelle writes: “On the surface, Bellatrix’s name is a simple but accurate description of her personality: it’s Latin for “warrior woman.”… In Latin, [“bella”] actually means “beautiful.”…Bellatrix’s name creates a subtle irony through the juxtaposition of both “beauty” and “war.”

By the end of her quibble, Michelle asserts that because of all its connections to the classic Grecian texts – (the language and its myths) – the Harry Potter series should be considered Epic literature. What do you think? Make sure to post your thoughts under the essay.

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