Quibble of the Week: ‘Help! I’m a Hufflepuff!’

Our next quibble of the week comes from Emilia. A Pottermore-beta user, she has reached out to the Harry Potter fandom at large to report a certain traumatic experience she had while on JK Rowling’s new interactive website, specifically while accessing the Sorting Hat.

A natural born Ravenclaw, Emilia was sorted into Hufflepuff.

Desperately, I click back, hoping I can somehow change my answers. The computer laughs in my face, redirecting me to the same page, with my “Welcome” letter. I close my eyes and lean my head against the wall. I could forget all about this account and get a new one. But then I’d have to wait until October or later. There was no way to get past this. The butterflies in my stomach turned into a potion of broiling shame.

We’re happy to report that by the end of her quibble, Emilia eventually reconciled herself to the noble and hard-working house of Hufflepuff. But has this been the same experience for all Pottermore-beta users? Considering that at its root it is another online quiz, can we really trust the Pottermore Sorting Hat?

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