Quibble of the Week: “The Hogwarts Houses: Analysis of Characteristics”

Our next quibble of the week comes to us from Chantelle, and it’s an op-ed in which the writer scrutinizes each one of the Hogwarts Houses, eventually coming to a conclusion about which one is the greater by the end.

“Loyalty is a personality trait I value above all others. If people are loyal and honest, hardworking and caring, they are the perfect best friend… So Hufflepuff is the house of what everyone should aspire to be, but unfortunately it is taken for granted. Almost all of Hufflepuff stayed behind to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts because of their loyalty. They really should be given more credit.”

Though she finds that there is a great deal of overlap between all the houses, Chantelle settles on Hufflepuff as the House with the purest ideology at its root. Do you agree? To comment on this short essay head to the discussion board under the quibble itself.

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