The Effects Of Harry Potter

by Lilah

Abstract: The author writes about how “Harry Potter” has affected her life personally and the lives of millions of fans around the world.

I first read Harry Potter when my mum’s friend brought it around for her to read. I picked it up and at the age of 3, I was stuck. That day changed my life. And I just wanted to write about how Harry Potter has affected the lives of millions and especially about how it affected mine.

When you’re young, you wander aimlessly. Not knowing where you’re heading, where your destination lies. But that doesn’t matter to you; you’re youthful and carefree. But from the age of 3, the year I first read Philosopher’s Stone, I knew what I wanted out of life. I wanted to read and I wanted to write. I wanted people to wait for my book and most of all I wanted to change people’s lives the way Harry Potter changed mine.

You might think 3 is a little young to decide your future. But for me it was perfect, and now I had loads of time to practise what I love to do. If I had never read that life-changing series I would still be wondering aimlessly like a 4-year-old. I tried Science, but I decided it was just too much to remember. Tried Medicine, but I hate all the gore. I thought about teaching – maybe, but I don’t have the time management or firmness to make a great teacher. Writing is all I really enjoy.

I have heard the term ‘this book’s gonna be the next Harry Potter‘ many times and every time I hear it I sigh and think to myself, When are they ever going to learn that Harry Potter is not replaceable? The fans of Harry Potter, ‘the Harry Potter Generation’, are with me on this I’m sure. Harry Potter is a fluke. There will never be a phenomenon like it again. Twilight will come and go but Harry Potter will always be here.

But there is a difference between the fans now and the fans of the future. We have all sat and waited for the next book or movie. That’s why I nearly cry to think it’s almost over. The characters in those books are like my second family. They cheer me up when I’m sad, and make me cry when they die, and when someone hurts them I’m as angry as if it were my best friend.

In a way, I don’t want to watch the last movie, because it would be like someone put a stopper in my dreams. I won’t ever have to wait in the theatre nervously again because I can just get it out on DVD. It’s like someone is cutting my childhood short. But the end of Harry Potter is also setting me free with my own books, making me responsible for my own story.

After April, Hermione will never run to the library with a great idea again, Ron will never make me laugh with his bemused expressions and Harry will never triumph over Voldemort and over evil. Neville, Ginny, Luna, and the rest of the DA are finished along with Dobby, as well as Tonks and Lupin. It’s hard to imagine life without Harry Potter.

Around the world, who doesn’t know Harry Potter? I was in Egypt and I was staying with a family who didn’t speak English (only Arabic), so communication was impossible. I pulled out my old Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and they immediately pointed at it. Streaming in Arabic, for the first time I had a connection with my host family through these books. As they spoke I understood the various spells and characters and we communicated that way. Like our own language.

The complex details of the books that the films try (and fail in my opinion) to capture are what caught my eye from day one. As a whole, the books teach true virtues; real messages of life. And that started my dreams going and the dreams of many around the world.