Quibble of the Week: “The Secrets of the First Smashed Prophecy”

This week’s Quibble of the Week comes to us from Katy, whose essay focuses on an area of the series that is never short on mysteries. Katy’s essay, entitled ‘Secrets of the First Smashed Prophecy’, poses the idea that one of the prophecies smashed during the climactic battle in the Department of Mysteries was actually relevant to the plot of the series.

They don’t pay much attention to this prophecy, but the little that they do, it happens to reveal these enigmatic lines: “…at the Solstice will come a new… and none will come after…”

They seem like pretty unimportant lines, but a closer look may reveal something about the future of the Wizarding world.

Given the events surrounding this scene, these lines are often overlooked. Do you believe that this prophecy was actually telling of the past and future events of the series, as Katy believes?

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