Quibble of the Week: “Harry Potter” and the Magic of Social Media

This week’s Quibble of the Week discusses social media, and its profound influences on the Harry Potter fandom. In his essay, “From Books to Blogs: Harry Potter and Social Media,” apwbdumbs clarifies how invaluable social media truly is to fans:

“Through the use of social media, fans themselves have been able to create an enriching Harry Potter experience that promotes community and perpetuates the series. But Harry Potter’s presence in social media does much more than just creating community, and preserving the series. Because of its universal themes of love, adventure and social justice, and the ease of being able to relate to and empathize with its characters and situations, Harry Potter has broken down racial, gender and socioeconomic barriers, and acts as a common interest that brings people together. Today, as fans converse about the series, characters, themes, and values on social media sites, understanding and cooperation are formed. In the process, friendships are made.”

What do you think? Have social media sites (such as MuggleNet) enhanced your experience as a fan? Do you feel a greater sense of being a part of this fandom, because you can chat with other Harry Potter fans from all over the world?

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