J.K. Rowling plans Hogwarts-like treehouses for her children in own back garden

While Muggles may still be on the hunt for a real-life Hogwarts, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling intends to bring something that mirrors the magical school to her very own back yard. The Daily Mail reports Rowling plans to build an adventure playground that includes twin tree houses for her two youngest children, David and Mackenzie, who are nine and seven years old, respectively.

But this will be no average playground. The twin tree houses, which closely resemble the towers of Hogwarts, are set to reach 40 feet high, cost 150,000 pounds (that’s over $230,000!), and require planning permission from the Edinburgh City Council due to the size of the project. Despite the need for permission, the Daily Mail quotes a source at the Edinburgh Council as saying, “It would be highly unlikely that J.K. Rowling will not get the permission for these tree houses.”

Some of the features of this magical wonderland include a rope bridge linking the two towers, a secret tunnel beneath a raised wooden walkway, balconies, carvings, and turrets. It definitely sounds like the design could fit in well with the actual Hogwarts! According to reports, the property has become known as “Fortress Rowling.”

Below you can get a glimpse of the design for Rowling’s project, as found on the Edinburgh City Council website:

Computer simulation of the twin tree houses
A second shot that features the rope bridge
Close-up of the two towers
Zoomed-out view that shows other features of the garden
A more detailed drawing of the treehouse design
Bird’s-eye-view drawing of what the treehouses will look like

What do you think about this new project of Rowling’s? Would you have wanted something similar when growing up… or maybe even now? Let us know in the comments below!