MuggleNet Quibble of the Week: ‘Is the Sorting Hat Infallible?’

This week’s Quibble is inspired by our Alohomora! podcast, and defends the choices of the Sorting Hat. In this article, the author addresses some of the series’ characters with seemingly contrasting characteristics to the ideals of their House, such as Hermione, Pettigrew, and Zacharias Smith, arguing that the process is not as simple as we think:

We’re oversimplifying complex memories and emotions of characters to try and fit them into molds that each house supposedly has. That’s dangerous and kind of takes away from the person don’t you think? We’re breaking people down to fit into categories that have only a few words to describe it. We’re taking away from their humanity that Rowling worked so hard to build.

Are we oversimplifying? Can the Sorting Hat make mistakes…?

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