Exclusive Interview from LeakyCon with Evanna Lynch and a Special Birthday Wish

Evanna Lynch answers Twitter questions submitted by MuggleNet readers and discusses Muggle quidditch and other Potter actors in a one-on-one exclusive interview at LeakyCon. Additionally, Evanna speaks about her yoga class, which was held at last weekend’s conference. Check out some of the photos from the event on our Facebook page.



Full Transcript with Evanna Lynch, Thursday, August 9, 2012

Transcribed by Adam Leuenberger

Kat Miller: FreeFaller* says, "Who were you most excited to meet the first time you knew you were cast?"

Evanna Lynch: It's got to be Daniel Radcliff. Oh my God, I was obsessed with him. [laughs] I can admit that now. It's a long enough time passed. Because he was Harry and I was young. Everyone asked what it was like working with these older veteran actors but I wasn't bothered by them. The trio, I thought they were the holy trinity. I remember my meeting with him very clearly the first time. It was at my screen test, so I hadn't even gotten the part then. So aside from being terrified, paralyzed with nerves about actually auditioning, they threw him on top of it. That day was such a blur. I remember coming in, I haven't got my costume on, just looking around, and he just came out of nowhere. And it's just like [takes a deep breath]. He was so nice.

Kat: Being a fan in the first place, that would be a big deal.

Evanna: It was.

Kat: Nikki081 says, "Will Eva ever consider doing a London Marathon dressed as a cat?"

Evanna: [laughs] I'll dress up as a cat. I have done it before [and] will do it again. The London Marathon. I'm not a runner. That would take so much training. I am so impressed with those people. I like to go to the gym. So many people do, that's what amazes me. So many people make this commitment. I like running, but not killing myself. What is it? 26...

Laura Reilly: 26 miles around London.

Evanna: ...Miles. I don't have it in me. But I will dress up as a cat plenty. No fear in that.

Kat: Quidkidbeaver says, "Are you going to try Quidditch this weekend?" You know you're commentating, so are you going to play?

Evanna: I am commentating. I had forgotten that. I don't know. Doesn't it take skill? Real sportsmanship? I'm not sporty at all. I keep fit. I do yoga. I'm doing a class tomorrow.

Kat: Yeah, I'm going to go.

Evanna: Really?

Kat: Yeah, I will be there. I think all the girls from MuggleNet will be there.

Evanna: Really? That's fantastic. Well, it's going to be a nice, easy pace and breaking it down because I think a lot of people haven't done yoga here. I want it to be an introduction. So many people have it in their heads, "Oh I can't do that because you have to be flexible, you have to be strong." And it's not that way at all. That's the wrong way to think about yoga. It's about where you are at. So that's as far as a physical activity I go. And dance. But I don't know.

Kat: Probably not.

Evanna: [In] Quidditch there are so many balls. Not just one. I remember in school when we were forced to play Hurling, which is the national sport of Ireland. Also, we were forced to play Gaelic, and my main fear was don't get hit by the ball, stay away from the ball, so I'm just looking around. Imagine that with four balls, right? Two bludgers.

Kat: And a human snitch.

Evanna: Oh, clearly I need to research this. I'll do a tutorial video on how not to fly.

Kat: Yeah, because you never got to do any flying in the movies, except for the Thestral stuff.

Evanna: Thestral, yeah, that was fun, but I'd like flying I'd imagine.

Thank you, Evanna, for the opportunity to share this past weekend’s events with you. We hope to see you at LeakyCon 2013 and LeakyCon UK 2013! From all of us here at MuggleNet, we would like to wish you a very special and happy 21st birthday!


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