MuggleCast Episode #258 Casually Vacant… Story now online!

Please note: There are no major spoilers contained in this episode!

The latest episode of MuggleCast has arrived! Join Eric, Andrew, Selina, and myself as we review and discuss J.K. Rowling’s new book The Casual Vacancy and touch on her recent interviews.

The Casual Vacancy is here!
– None of the hosts have FINISHED the novel but discuss what they think so far.
– Is the book different than the book that was marketed? What was our impression of what the book would be like from the advertisement (or lack thereof)?
– Are there any Potter references in the book?
– As a novel, do the opening pages grab you?
– Let’s talk about sex.
– Twitter feedback from fans/readers like YOU!
– What has J.K. Rowling said in Interviews so far about the book? What have critics thought?
– Andrew and Eric review the ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’ movie, newly released.
– John and Bre, makers of ‘Finding Hogwarts’ discuss their fan film, out now on DVD and Blu-Ray!
– Plans to discuss The Casual Vacancy in future MuggleCast episodes.

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