MuggleNet Reviews the Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection, Set to Go on Sale in the UK Tomorrow

The Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection goes on sale tomorrow, September 10, in the United Kingdom, and MuggleNet staff member Rosie got a chance to review the set.

This set is the most complete Potter movie experience. The only way to make it better would be to put on a screening of the set within the walls of Hogwarts itself. It really is a must-have item, and with its status as a limited edition, with only 63,000 being made…

The collection went on sale Friday here in the United States, and MuggleNet got a sneak peek at the 19 lb. box set that contains over 37 hours of special features.

So take a walk-through of each compartment – some clearly visible, others not so much – and read a brief review of the close-to-five hours of new content contained on the “Bonus Features” disc.

So go check out both of our reviews (US & UK) and get your copy today!

The set can also be purchased online!