Attention UK Fans: Warwick Davis and Tom Felton to perform in “Stand Up 2 Cancer” telethon soon

With all of the buzz surrounding countless Potter stars being involved in new movie projects recently, today’s story presents some of our favorite stars doing something a little different: Tom Felton and Warwick Davis are about to appear on UK program “Stand Up 2 Cancer” on Channel 4 at 8:55 p.m BST. On the show, both Davis and Felton will have the chance to win a million pounds, which will then be donated to cancer research.

Warwick Davis recently tweeted about the event:

@WarwickADavis: On my way to Ch4’s ‘Stand Up 2 Cancer’. I’ll be on at 8:55pm to play ‘Million Pound Drop’ with @TomFelton. Need a little magic to win! #SU2C

On the show, the actors will be competing for their favorite charity while playing “Million Pound Drop” – we found a brief about the game on Channel 4’s official website:

Filmed across six shows in a highly secure location, contestants are given their prize of a million pounds at the start of the show, but they then face eight tough questions that are linked to four trapdoors, each representing an answer, in order to hold on to the cash.

They must put the money on the right answer in order to move to the next question. If they are unsure of the answer they can spread the money across the trapdoors, but if the answer is wrong their winnings will fall through the doors and be lost forever. It’s a tense game. Just one wrong move could literally see thousands of pounds drop through the floor.

The game show promises to be funny – and all for a great cause! If you’re presently in the UK be sure to tune in to Channel 4. We’ll be sure to post a clip from the show here once it surfaces online.