Full Video: ‘Daniel Radcliffe: Being Harry Potter’ Sky documentary that aired Sunday

Earlier today, a really great and insightful 42-minute documentary aired on Sky called Daniel Radcliffe: Being Harry Potter. The documentary aired as part of the promotion of Sky’s broadcast of the Harry Potter films and touches on Dan’s life before the Potter films as well as what it was like being a child actor in a huge franchise. Daniel also discusses several additional interesting topics such as:

  • What is was like going to school when he was younger and the complications his restlessness caused.
  • How he landed the role of Harry and the excitement and fun involved with filming.
  • His reaction to the hype and popularity of the films.
  • His admiration for the “intelligent” fan base.
  • His disdain at the way the press can sometimes make assumptions and act cruelly.
  • The last day of filming Harry Potter and what the future holds for him.

The documentary certainly highlights Daniel’s humble and dedicated attitude as pointed out by fellow Potter actors/actresses. The documentary is definitely worth the watch!

Let us know what you think in the comments. You may even find yourself getting a little nostalgic.

Thanks to SnitchSeeker for the tip!