Did you know? Today (January 6) marks the day Harry Potter began to learn the Patronus Charm

Some people celebrate holidays, birthdays – even the day you get your paycheck – but the nerdiest Potter fans among us have something else to think about today, January 6, 2013. Did you know that on this day in 1994 Harry Potter began to take lessons with Professor Lupin so that he could learn the high-level Patronus Charm, a magical defense against Dementors?

That’s right, it’s true – and don’t tell us it didn’t happen because you’re a Muggle if you don’t believe! Because we’re mega-fans here over at MuggleNet, we’ve created a unique calendar that fans can use to keep track of a plethora of important Potter-related dates, including birthdays of the actors and book characters, notable events from the series, dates of Harry Potter conventions, and even standard Muggle holidays. It’s all in this magical 2013 calendar and more!

Did you know January 6 also marks the day Dumbledore first showed Harry that “sluggish memory” in 1997? Hmm. We bet you didn’t. But if you order the MuggleNet calendar now, you’ll be able to stump your friends next time like we just stumped you – and have all the more to celebrate!

While we’re on the topic of Dementors, Patronuses, and Professor Lupin, we’d like to remind you that Alohomora! just kicked off its rereading of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and we’ll be releasing a podcast in which we analyze the first two chapters of the book next Saturday.