Fun Fact: Today (January 21) was the day Harry Potter opened and solved the clue of the Golden Egg

Eighteen years ago today, Harry Potter entered the prefects’ bathroom on a tip from Cedric Diggory. He started the water running and submerged the mysterious Golden Egg in the bath at Moaning Myrtle’s suggestion, for she had seen the other boy do the same. Harry ducked his head under the water and famously heard the following:

Come seek us where our voices sound/We cannot sing above the ground/And while you’re searching ponder this:/We’ve taken what you’ll sorely miss/An hour long you’ll have to look/And to recover what we took/But past an hour – the prospect’s black/Too late, it’s gone, it won’t come back.

Upon hearing this song, Harry realized that the next task of the Triwizard Tournament would take place within the Black Lake, would involve merpeople, and something… stolen from him. We suspect you have a pretty good idea about what happens next!

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