MuggleNet Editorialist Explains Why the Fandom Loves Luna Lovegood

While more regularly known for his inflammatory and controversial editorials on this website, Three Broomsticks writer hpboy13 has seemingly discovered his softer side with this new piece about Luna Lovegood and why he – along with the fandom – loves her.

In his editorial Irvin muses about Luna’s personal strength of character, her unfailingly decent values, and her unique ability to be unfazed by ridicule when faced with bullies. Hpboy13 landed on this latter attribute specifically and suggested it was one of the biggest reasons the quirky, obsessive Luna Lovegood is so universally loved and respected by the fandom because we as Harry Potter fans are quirky and obsessive and have even had to occasionally defend our own obsession with this magical book series.

Above all her other qualities, however, hpboy13 most admires Luna for her resplendent selflessness. In his editorial he writes,

When she is captured in Malfoy Manor, she only ever thinks about other people. When she sees Harry and Ron in the cellar, she is horribly upset because ‘Oh no, I didn’t want you to be caught!’ (DH 464) Upon being offered an escape, Luna says, ‘Harry, we want to help you!’ (DH 468) She is only thinking of them, never of herself. Ollivander says that Luna was ‘an inexpressible comfort’ during his incarceration, and I’ve no doubt that she would be a huge comfort to anyone in any bad situation.

Hpboy13 may indeed have some unresolved issues with Hagrid, Snape, Ron, and even Albus Dumbledore, but Luna Lovegood is practically flawless in his opinion. Do you love Luna, too, or do you find some faults in her character? Head over to the Three Broomsticks section to pull over a chair, grab a butterbeer, and have hearty Potter discussion where you can talk about all of these questions and more.