Rita Skeeter makes cover of “The Quibbler”, and MuggleNet has the scoop!

Known for her Quick-Quotes Quill, fashionable dress, and journalistic moxie, Rita Skeeter was today featured in an issue of The Quibbler, Xenophilius Lovegood’s weekly syndicated magazine that covers some of the most bizarre subjects that one could conceive of – even in our magical world. The feature, however, was less bizarre than potentially worrisome.

Today old Xeno has run a very controversial story, claiming the famed Daily Prophet writer is actually an illegal Animagus who finds the true meat of her stories by spying on fellow witches and wizards in the form of a beetle. The article reveals several amazing photos of the witch captured during her transformation, but Xenophilius has told us we may only show you this cover image, created by Emily with some Photoshop magic. We encourage you to buy a copy of the magazine yourself to support his quirky yet noble business.

Due to the release of these controvertial photos Miss Skeeter is currently facing an inquiry from the Ministry of Magic but has – for the moment – disappeared. In an effort to find her, the Auror office has released a special team of Auror owls to find her and bring her in for questioning.

We pray they don’t eat her.