“9 Reasons Harry Potter Wipes the Floor with Lord of The Rings” – A fan rebuttal

Last week, MuggleNet ran a story covering a certain post that originated on WhatCulture.com about how Harry Potter was a better book series than the Lord of the Rings trilogy, written by J.R.R Tolkien years ago. After publishing that story, we expected a strong response from the Harry Potter fandom – and you guys didn’t disappoint – however the comments were far from what we expected.

By and large, Harry Potter fans came out in support of the Lord of the Rings, claiming the original writer of the WhatCulture! article was at fault with several of his points, probably hadn’t read J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic series, and that to rank one series as “better” than the other in the first place was a wholly subjective argument, and therefore ludicrous!

Well… well reasoned Harry Potter fans! We put out a challenge to you all to submit an article in response to this original piece and one fan, Adam S., answered the call! Check out this new MuggleNet editorial which rebuts ‘9 Reasons,’ reason by reason.

If you would like to read more editorials and learn how you can submit one of your own, head to this link!