JK Rowling Lands Top 20 Position in UK Womens’ Power List

JK Rowling has been listed at the 13th most powerful woman in the United Kingdom by a popular BBC Radio show. Her position puts her one placement before MP and Deputy Leader of the Labor Party Harriet Harman and eight places ahead of singer Adele. The list was topped by Her Majesty, The Queen.

The list is the first created by Women’s Hour, a daily program on BBC Radio 4, and aimed to recognize the “movers and shakers who shape the way we live today” and question “which women have the greatest impact on British politics, society, culture and the economy.”

Not that it will be a surprise to any Potter fans but it is worth noting that JK Rowling has been listed as both an author AND a philanthropist and is acknowledged for setting up the Volant Charitable Trust and as President of the Gingerbread Charity for single parent families.

For a look at the complete list, click here.

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