“Potter” filming locations are top choice among tourists traveling within the UK

From Platform 9 3/4, to the Great Hall, to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom, the locations of the Harry Potter films have become celebrities in their own rights, complete with screaming fans and insane queues. Not surprisingly, Yahoo! Movies reports that Harry Potter tours for visitors rank at the top of the UK’s popular attractions.

UK tour company British Tours Ltd. tells that their ‘Harry Potter locations tour‘ has booked nearly 50% more tours than the second place tour of Stonehenge at sunrise or sunset. The company “specialises in tailor-made trips around the British Isles” and says that the Potter tour had practically 700 bookings in the last five years.

Among the ranks were Stonehenge Dawn/Dusk (#2), The Da Vinci Code (#5), and Jack the Ripper (#8).

Jason Doll, director of British Tours Ltd., stated:

“A number of other films have had a positive effect on UK tourism like ‘Notting Hill’, ‘Four Weddings And A Funeral’, and ‘Pride & Prejudice’ though not on the scale of ‘Harry Potter’.”

Have you had the chance to visit any of the Harry Potter filming locations? Which one would you most like to see?