Watch the conclusion of the MuggleNet “Harry Potter Oscars: In Memoriam”

As the mainstream Oscars were underway this season, there was another Oscars event run somewhat underground – we at MuggleNet ran our own Harry Potter Oscars where we asked fans to vote on a number of awards, including but not limited to Best Wand Design, Best Harry Potter film – overall, and Best Hair.

Now we would like to officially end the event with a tribute to all of the characters from the book series that couldn’t make it to the award ceremony.

If you missed our live show this past Sunday announcing the winners of the Harry Potter Oscars, never fear – if we may recap some of the highlights, David Yates one for Best Director for his work on Deathly Hallows – Part 2, John Williams won for Best Composer for Sorcerer’s Stone and, *dum dum dum* Best Film Overall went to Deathly Hallows – Part 2! Many of these were tight races and you can find all of the winners on our Harry Potter Oscars page! [MuggleNet’s Harry Potter Oscars – February 2013]

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