What are John Williams greatest film scores?

At the age of 81 and having composed scores for over 125 films, John Williams has become one of the most renowned composers of film music to date. This year’s Academy Awards marked Williams’ 48th nomination, and WhatCulture! has assembled a list of his 10 Greatest Film Scores.

At number ten, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was called “a resurgence in Williams’ career”, as well as earning him another Oscar nomination. Williams went on to score the following two Potter films, but his iconic themes were carried throughout the entire film series.

WhatCulture! says:

The epic fantasy series lends well to Williams’ musical voice, who from the film’s opening scene sets up what would become one of his most memorable works.”

Among those listed are Schindler’s List (6), Raiders of the Lost Ark (5), Star Wars (2), and Jaws (1).

Williams is now the most nominated person alive today in Academy Awards history, second only to Walt Disney as the most nominated person of all time. We hope to hear much more from him in the future.

What is your favorite John Williams soundtrack? Do you get chills every time you hear Hedwig’s Theme?