Introducing the Snitch-wich: A tasty treat you can catch in your mouth!

If you’ve ever been to a convention or Quidditch World Cup event with Harry and the Potters – the popular Wizard Rock band – you probably also saw one of the rocker brothers sporting a carrying case around his neck selling sandwiches of his own magical creation.

Yesterday while reporting on Day 1 at the Quidditch World Cup in Kissimmee, Florida, I happened upon Joe DeGeorge and asked to try one of his famous snitch-wiches. He offered to fly it into my mouth.

Our friend Tanner Schroeder of Pop Wrapped actually took a video of me catching it and doing a bit of a victory dance! Check it out.

After the catch I conducted a brief interview with Joe about his snitch-wiches, how they are made, and where fans can find them online — Watch it below.