MuggleNet joins Hogwarts Radio for latest episode!

Just a few days ago, MuggleNet staff members and Alohomora! hosts Kat Miller and Noah Fried joined up with another Harry Potter podcast, Hogwarts Radio, for their 128th episode, “Hyphen, Hyphen, Hyphen, Question Mark!” On this episode we break down the week’s hottest news stories which include: Emma Watson’s wax figure, the passing of Richard Griffiths, and Pottermore on Playstation. Also, an email prompts us to revisit the topic, and debate “Is Snape a hero?” In addition, we also discuss:

-Future fan meet-ups on Pottermore Playstation
-We go in depth and discuss differences between hexes, charms, jinxes, spells, and curses!
-The Unforgivable Curses are so horrible, why hasn’t the Ministry devised a better tracking method?
-Should Sectumsempra be an Unforgivable Curse?
-Do spells have the same effects on Muggles as they do Wizards?
-Our hosts reveal their favorites and you might be shocked at some of them!
-A Magical Memory from one of our listeners wraps up this week’s show!

Hosts for this week: Terrance Pinkston, Eric Scull, Marissa Reynolds, Kat Miller, and Noah Fried.

Hogwarts Radio is a Harry Potter podcast that has been around since 2008 and is comitted to releasing bi-weekly episodes. To listen to the show you can either check out Hogwarts Radio’s site, or their libsyn page. You can also subscribe to Hogwarts Radio on iTunes for free by clicking here, and ensure you get the latest episodes as they are released!

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